Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blue cotton raglan

I needed something to throw over my shoulders while seeing movies/shopping in the summer. The ac always gives me goosebumps. I've had this cotton yarn for a few years now (Schoeller Esslinger Fortissima Cotton) It's discontinued, bought from Unwind in Burbank CA. I liked the color, but haven't been much of a cotton knitter, preferring wool. Wool being too warm for a summer shrug, I finally had a use for the cotton. So here it is a simple raglan cropped cardi. Perfect for throwing over a t shirt. I added 1 clap at the neck, and 3 at the bottom.

I'm really proud of my knitted hem.

CO 113 18(front)/20(arm)/37(back)/20(arm)/18(front)
Worked in stockenett st. Every knit (rs) round inc on each side of the stitch marker until there are 67 back stitches (apron 15 inc rounds) (7 inches)
Knit front stitches, put sleeve stitches on a stitch holder or waste yarn, CO 4, knit back, put sleeve on stitch holders or waste yarn, CO 4, knit front.
Work in st st untill desired length.
For the hem, purl 1 row, then work in st st for 4 rows. Fold over and sew.
Knit the arms, picking up 2 stitches at each end,knit second arm in the same manner. Knit flat, not in the round.

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