Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Another pair of single cable socks, aka prada socks.
Here are my Knitting notes

Cast on 64 stitches using the Twisted German Cast On (which is officially my new favorite cast on) with 2.75mm needles.
Work in 4x4 rib for 30 rounds (I knit the top extra long so it could fold over, but didn't use a purl row, so they could be worn flat too, I like having the option of options)
Switch to larger needles (3.00mm) work for 5 complete cable rounds.
Switch to med needles (2.75mm) work for 5 complete cable rounds.
Switch to sml needles (2.50mm) work for 5 complete cable rounds.
Heel flap, turned heel, gusset
Work 4.5 rounds of the cable pattern, dec for toe.
Repeat for sock two.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blue cotton raglan

I needed something to throw over my shoulders while seeing movies/shopping in the summer. The ac always gives me goosebumps. I've had this cotton yarn for a few years now (Schoeller Esslinger Fortissima Cotton) It's discontinued, bought from Unwind in Burbank CA. I liked the color, but haven't been much of a cotton knitter, preferring wool. Wool being too warm for a summer shrug, I finally had a use for the cotton. So here it is a simple raglan cropped cardi. Perfect for throwing over a t shirt. I added 1 clap at the neck, and 3 at the bottom.

I'm really proud of my knitted hem.

CO 113 18(front)/20(arm)/37(back)/20(arm)/18(front)
Worked in stockenett st. Every knit (rs) round inc on each side of the stitch marker until there are 67 back stitches (apron 15 inc rounds) (7 inches)
Knit front stitches, put sleeve stitches on a stitch holder or waste yarn, CO 4, knit back, put sleeve on stitch holders or waste yarn, CO 4, knit front.
Work in st st untill desired length.
For the hem, purl 1 row, then work in st st for 4 rows. Fold over and sew.
Knit the arms, picking up 2 stitches at each end,knit second arm in the same manner. Knit flat, not in the round.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

It's been a interesting week.

I haven't gotten much knitting done this week. I did cast off a small cotton raglan sweater, using the incredible custom fit raglan guidelines. The ends still need to be sewn in, so pictures will be coming up soon.
I checked out a knotting book for my local library this week. Which has inspired a few tubular peyote stitch knot necklaces, which I think are pretty fun.

Beamer The Poodle (who lives in the house that I'm currently house sitting) made a friend the other day. No turtles were harmed in the making of these videos.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

ONLY Finger Gloves

I've been seeing a lot of outside of the box type knitting lately. Socks with no heels or toes and sweaters that aren't really covering you up (ravelry link) (I actually have some Kidsilk haze laying around, so I might try and make this while the weather is warm)
Since I had just a tiny bit of Regia Silk left over from the Prada socks, I decided to make ONLY finger gloves. Fingerless gloves have become a staple of both myself and my boyfriends fall/winter wardrobe. I've knit each of us 1 or 2 new pairs each season. But never full gloves or mittens. (Ignoring a gift pair for my mother that has been languishing at the bottom of my knitting bin) So I thought use some nice yarn to show the fingers some love.

This is what I've got so far. I have some very tiny buttons left over from my owl hat that I may use to make some sort of strap on thumb.

Once again this is more of a guideline of what I did, then a pattern.

Only Finger Gloves

Left over Regia Silk (less then 25g)
Using US #0 DPNs

CO 60 stitches, join in the round being careful not to twist.
Work in 1x1 rib for half an inch.
Work in st st for 1 inch.
K7 and then put those 7 onto waste yarn, continue knitting until 7 stitches are left unworked, put those 7 onto the waste yarn. (Pinky finger)
Join and work for 1 round.
Work first 8 st, put onto waste yarn(ring finger), Work 8 stitches. Work 14 stitches and put on waste yarn.(pointer finger) Work 8 stitches, and put the remaining 8 stitches on the waste yarn with the ring finger. There should be 16 live stitches for the middle finger.
CO 4 stitches work 8 stitches CO 3 stitches work remaining 8 stitches in the round.
Work in st st until just under the tip of the finger. (23 st)
K2tog ending with a k ( 12 st remaining)
K, k2tog ( 4 stitches remaining, cut yarn and string through remaining live stitches.

Pointer finger
Put 14 stitches on needles, pick up 4 in the gap. (18 stitches total)
Work until just under the length of the pinky.
K2tog (9 st)
K, k2tog( 3 st) cut yarn and thread through stitches

Ring finger
Put 16 stitches onto the needles, pick up 4 stitches on the middle finger side, 3 on the pointer finger side (23 st total)
Work until just under the length of the finger.
K2tog ending with a k (12 st)
K, k2tog (4 stitches) cut yarn and thread through reaming stitches

Put 14 stitches onto needles, pick up 3 stitches in the gap (17 st)
Work in st st until just under the length of the finger.
K2tog ending with a k (9 st total)
K, k2tog (3 st) cut yarn and thread through remaining stitches.

Repeat for glove # 2 :)

Weave in ends, block lightly if desired.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Prada Socks

When I saw the fall 2010 Prada collection making the rounded on ravelry, I knew I had to make the knee high single cabled socks.They were easy to recreate 2x2 ribbed knee high socks, with a contrasting colored cable running down the middle.
I used larger needles for the calf of the leg, then I would normally use. Then switched to a smaller sized needle, so that I wouldn't have to worry about decreases. I twisted my yarn in the back of the cables which I though was necessary so that the floats wouldn't be too long, but it made the cables look like they were ribbed cables. That was pointed out by someone at a SnB I attend (of course after 1.5 socks were done, haha) finishing the rest of the second sock, knowing i was cabling 'wrong' drove me absolutely crazy.
I love these socks and am waiting for fall/winter so I can wear them out. But I'm thinking about making another pair, maybe something more springy, for more instant gratification.
And with larger cables that pop.

Cabled knee high socks

This is how I knit these socks, less of a pattern and more of a guideline.

Main color 436 yards, I used Regina Silk (55% wool, 25% nylon, 20% silk)
Complementary Color 218 yards, Regina Silk
Needles DPN US #2 3.00 mm
US #2 2.50 mm

CO 64 stitches using larger needles
Using CC work in 1X1 rib for 3 inches or desired length.
K10 in CC color this will be the cable running done the front center of the sock. *P2 K2* ending with P2 using main color.
Redistribute stitches 16/32 (10 cable stitches in the center)/16

Start cable pattern.
When you get to the cable stitches, the CC yarn will be on the left, just use it to knit the current stitches on the right. (remember to not pull too tightly, but also not leaving it too loose.) After working cable stitches, knit with the main color in the same manner, make sure first and second stitch are snug but not tight. (there will be 1 MC and 1 CC float on the inside of the sock)
*Cable row 5/5(first sock cable all to the back, second sock cable all to the front)
work 9 rows*

After 6 inches or 7 or 8 completed cable repeats switch to smaller needles

Repeat cable pattern 15 more times (or until desired length)

End on a cable row

Heel flap using CC color (from the outside of the ball) on 2 16 st. needles
Sl1 (purl wise) K1
Sl1 Purl to end
repeat 15 more times (2 inches or desired length, or desired heel flap)

Turn Heel
Sl1 K16 K2tog K1 turn
Sl1 P5 P2tog P1 turn
Continue knitting the stitch before the gap and after together, until all stitches have been worked ending on the RS (or use desired heel)
18 stitches remaining.

Gusset and continue in cable pattern.
Pick up 16 stitches along heel flap (being carful not to make any gaps) knit, pick up 16 stitches.
*Dec, knit to last three of first needle K2tog k,knit needle with the cable, k, SSK knit to end of needle.
Knit/work round round*
Repeat until 64 stitches total (16/32/16)

Continue in cable pattern
Rib for the top part of the foot, knit stitches only on the bottom.

Make sure to stretch foot out, the cable will make it bunch up)
3 in from toe.
Switch to CC color, knit 3 rounds, then start decreasing.
K2tog,SSK, K2tog,SSK
Knit round
Repeat 10 more times
K2tog, SSK, K2tog,SSK
until 12 stitches left

Kitchener stitch toe closed.

Weave in all ends.

block if desired.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Joining the herd

It seems everyone and their uncle has a blog, so I got to thinking. . . . why not me too.
In the past 2 years, I've really gotten into knitting. I'm at the stage where I don't think I'm a beginner, but nowhere near advanced.

I started the elegant Ribbed Stockings Favorite Socks, 25 timeless designs from Interweave, with some lovely Lorna's Lace Shepard (in Daffodil) . However gauge was not my friend, hopeful as I am I kept knitting, all the way down to the toe, and when I tried it on. . . . not all soft and pretty like the photo in the book.

Frogging the almost whole sock in just under 2 min. Fun times. See ya next time.